About us

Thank you for visiting the website of the Harvard Business School Association of Northern California (HBSA/NC). The HBSA/NC is entering our 42nd year as an HBS alumni club, serving over 5,600 HBS graduates in Northern California.

The Association is one of the most active and largest of the alumni clubs, connecting alumni to each other along the continuum of work and life in business and social endeavors. Our high standards, ethical behavior, personal integrity, impartiality and our close connection to HBS and its leaders have made us the most innovative and largest of all HBS clubs world-wide.

The HBSA/NC allows members to stay in contact with fellow alumni, further their professional training, and participate in community partners programs.

Activities of the HBSA/NC include:

If you are currently a HBSA/NC member, we encourage you to explore our website and read the monthly newsletter to find more ways to participate. If you are not yet a member, visit the membership page to learn about joining.

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