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How do I find what I need on the new site?
Please visit our sitemap to see all the areas.

I have a problem logging in, what do I do? Who do I contact?
This new website is part of the HBS Global Alumni Network system. 
This means that alumni will have only one information profile, the one that is consistent with your HBS Alumni Navigator, accessible through your LEFA (HBS email address and password).  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The login and password for the old HBSA/NC site no longer work, so please be sure to enter in your LEFA login and associated password.

Common LOGIN issues:

   1) What is my LEFA and password?  Your LEFA is explained here.  To Reset or Find your LEFA Password.

   2) Where do I Login? Red Alumni button on the home pageLogin here. This will take you to the HBS website where you will use your LEFA to login.  Once logged in, you will automatically be sent back to the HBSA/NC club website to proceed as needed.  If you are an HBS alumni, always access login through the red button, regardless if you are a club member or not.

   3) Why is my member discount not showing up?   Please be sure you have logged in with your LEFA and LEFA password.  Do not attempt to create another account- this creates duplicate records and you will then need to contact Kirsten to fix this.

All member discounts will be applied once logged in, as usual.

If you still are having problems, contact Kirsten Pickford, Executive Director, at 415-421-4500 and/or

What is the HBSA/NC?
The HBSA/NC is the Northern California arm of the Harvard Business School Alumni Association. The HBSA/NC with more than 1,400 members is one of the oldest and largest of all HBS alumni associations.

Over 75 Professional Development events serving over 1,500 attendees
- Entrepreneurial company and business leader dinners
- A $20,000 HBS Scholarship Donation
- A $20,000 Community Partners Donation
- Over 20 Successful Community Partners Projects

Why join the HBSA/NC?
Besides the good-feeling of supporting the HBSA/NC, there are many concrete benefits to membership. Networking with other local HBS alumni. 

1) Professional development: Members receive early notification (events often sell-out) and often discounts to HBSA/NC sponsored and other local events.  Special events include the CEO Breakfast Series, Business Leader Dinner and Entrepreneur of the Year Award Dinner.
2) Career postings.  As you are well aware many recruiters purposefully seek out HBS alumni. We provide them the ability to post executive openings directly on our Web site.
3) The Bay Bulletin.  Members receive HBSA/NC's monthly newsletter which contains HBS news, event and career information, local happenings, notices about local alumni, and a whole lot more.

Who can join the HBSA/NC?
The HBSA/NC is open to all HBS alumni, though most of our members reside in Northern California.

How much does it cost to join HBSA/NC?
Membership runs yearly from January to December. CLICK HERE to find out more about the 2008 membership levels. 
All Sponsor and Patron membership fees in excess of the Regular membership fee will be applied directly to HBS Scholarships and HBSA/NC Community Partners Program.  Please contact Kirsten Pickford, at CONTACT US for more details.

What is an inter-club event?  How would I submit an inter-club event?
An Intra-club event is an event hosted by one of HBSA/NC's partner business schools.  These include all Harvard and Harvard Business School entities and clubs, Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg, Berkeley, Chicago, Cornell and others that we have an inter-club relationship with.

How do I submit a career listing?
Please visit this link to find out details.  Email career posting information to Kirsten Pickford, HBSA/NC Executive Director, at

My spouse/partner is interested in attending an HBSA/NC event, are there any discounts that I could get for them? 
Yes, all HBSA/NC members and their spouses/partners are eligible for the HBSA/NC member pricing at events.

I am not an HBS alumni, but I would like to learn more about your events.   Is this possible?
Yes, for select events we open up tickets, e.g. for affiliate schools and affiliate organizations.  For select events that we believe will be of interest to a broader community, we will send out emails to those organizations.  This club policy is at the discretion of our club Vice Presidents, Program Co-chairs, and event organizers.

What is the club's privacy policy? 
Click here  


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