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Help Glow Develop a New Revenue Model

Founded in 2006, GLOW’s mission is to build the capacity of schools and nonprofits to help empower under-resourced students & their families to succeed in college and life.  GLOW partners with districts, schools and nonprofits to increase college success rates of under-resourced students by acting as a force multiplier for existing college success efforts.

Our vision is to enable ALL highly-motivated students from low income and under-resourced communities to overcome the challenges of financial literacy and funding, empowering them to graduate from college and reach their greatest potential.

Four of every five low-income, college-ready youth who do not attend college fail to do so because of finances, and 55% of those who do enroll drop out. Many have never learned basic budgeting and financial planning. Faced with constantly increasing tuition, few are prepared to navigate today’s complex financial aid and scholarship offerings.  The financial barrier in college education for low income students is not just about money, but also about having adequate financial skills and access to information

GLOW radically improves college access and success for under-served students by making the thousands of organizations seeking to boost college success rates dramatically more effective. 

GLOW’s key methods:

1. Financial Literacy, Planning and Resources: GLOW provides best-in-class, ready-to-deploy programs to address the obstacles most likely to derail deserving but under-resourced students: Financial readiness, budgeting, and access to financial aid and scholarships. GLOW enhances these programs with financial mentors (typically volunteer corporate finance professionals), subsidized savings accounts and access to scholarships. Together, these resources give students a real chance to enroll and graduate from a four-year college institution.

2. A Hub for Best Practices: GLOW works with schools and nonprofits, serving as the go-to resource for efforts to boost college success – sharing innovations, best practices and methodologies. By making effective college success programming available to all in an “open source” model, GLOW is building an ecosystem of shared resources, promoting a virtuous cycle of ever-improving content and better outcomes for all of our partners. Today, our focus is on college access and success; future offerings will address key issues such as workforce preparation and technology.

Glow has asked a Community Partners team to help assess Glow’s overall strategy and to help develop a fee for service revenue model.  


Our Impact...
  • Over 700 alumni have volunteered for probono engagements since 1986.
  • Over 130 alumni have participated in brainstorming projects in the past 2 years. 
  • We have served over 400 clients in the past 27 years.
  • We provide $1.8 million of probono consulting services annually. 
  • We received the President's Council Award on Service and Civic Participation in 2008.
  • We organized the first Nonprofit Board Summit for HBS and Stanford GSB Alumni, partnered with HBS Social Enteprise Initiative, Stanford Alumni Consulting Team, Stanford GSB Center for Social Innovation, Draper Richards Kapland Foundation and LinkedIn with over 300 people in attendance.
  • We are the longest running Community Partners project (other programs exist in NYC, Boston, CT, Portland, Los Angeles and London).
  • We have enabled our alumni to get involved and to make meaningful contributions in their community in a variety of ways --  through short-term (brainstorming sessions), medium-term (consulting projects), and long-term (board member) commitments. 
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