Changing the Game: The Age of the Platform and the 24-Hour Customer

The alliance game is changing. Learn how dramatic shifts in digital platforms and their ecosystems have created a new business model, how buyer behavior is adapting to new choices with incredibly rapid decision time—and how the convergence of these trends are shifting the foundation on which we build alliance and partnering models.

Join us for the first program in the new Game Changer Thought Leadership Series. We will discuss these fast moving trends and their implications with two prominent authors and a Silicon Valley executive who brings this new model to life.

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Our Panelists:

  • Phil Simon, Consultant, Author and Speaker (Most recent book: The Age of the Platform)
  • Adrian Ott, Founder and CEO of Exponential Edge Consulting (Award winning book: The 24-Hour Customer)
  • Sherrick Murdoff, VP Global Alliances & Investments, Salesforce
  • Moderators: John Soper & Nimma Bakshi, ASAP Chapter Leaders.

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You will leave with new perspectives on:

  • How key innovations at Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon are redefining how digital business models are formed and globally scaled
  • How customers' new buying and interaction behaviors have raised their leverage in today's businesses world, fast transforming our economic and societal landscape
  • How the alliance leader/practitioner plays in the new game of digitally-based business collaboration

First 25 registrants receive a copy of Phil Simon's Book, The Age of the Platform
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Cisco Systems
Building C
Darling Conference Room
150 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, California 95134

HBSA/NC Members $25 / At the Door: $35
Non-Members Online: $35 / At the Door: $45

Date & Time
Wednesday, November 2, 2011

5:30 - 6:30p - Registration, H'ordeuvres, Drinks and Networking
6:30 - 6:45p - Introductions
6:45 - 8:30p - Panel presentation/Q & A
8:30 - 8:45p - Closing Comments
8:45 - 9:00p - Networking

About Our Panelists

Adrian Ott, Award-Winning Author, Speaker and CEO of Exponential Edge Inc.
Adrian is the CEO and founder of Exponential Edge, Inc., was called "one of Silicon Valley's most respected (if not the most respected) strategists" by Consulting magazine. She is the award winning author of The 24-Hour Customer: New Rules for Winning in a Time-Starved, Always Connected Economy which was named a Best Business Book 2010 by Library Journal. She has worked with some of the most innovative Fortune 500 and start-up companies in the world to gain a market edge in today's exponential economy. Prior to founding Exponential Edge, she was an HP executive who was recognized in an annual report for "infusing HP with new revenue streams and new technologies and new business models." She holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a BS from UC Berkeley.

Phil Simon, Consultant, Author and Speaker

Phil is the author of three management books. His fourth, The Age of the Platform: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Have Redefined Business, will be published later this year. A recognized technology expert, he consults with companies on how to optimize their use of technology. His contributions have been featured on The Globe and Mail, American Express Open Forum, ComputerWorld, Technorati, ZDNet,,, The New York Times, ReadWriteWeb, and many other sites.

Sherrick Murdoff, VP Global Alliances & Investments, Salesforce
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About the 'Game Changer' Thought Leadership Series

For all of us focused on alliances these are exciting times. Silicon Valley is on fire and we are witnessing a paradigm shift once again. With unimaginable speed and scale, a global digital economy has taken hold and transformed the way we work, interact, and collaborate—and entire value chains are being transformed. The market is rewarding those companies that are able to bring innovation to the edge of the enterprise, and expose it in service channels in myriad forms, like SaaS and PaaS. As a result, both consumers and providers are being forced to a new market definition of products and services and go-to-market strategies. More importantly, it is leading us to game changing business models—which will decide the future winners.

For all of us focused on collaboration models these changes couldn't be more important—these models are dramatically changing also—whether we call them alliances, partners or ecosystems. We want to keep you on top of the changes that affect you professionally, because in this world it’s “be disruptive or be disrupted.” So we developed the thought leadership Game Changer Thought Leadership Series as part of our new set of program offerings.

This three-part series will be lead by recognized thought leaders and practitioners, from whom you will gain valuable insights into the worlds of service computing, new customer behavior, shifts in marketing and the marketers’ role, and the alignment of corporate strategy with the development of ecosystems.