Complimentary Student Membership

The HBSA/NC complimentary Student and new Grads membership is available for the classes 2014, 2015 and 2016 only!

Our club is the largest HBS alumni association in the world with over 1400 members.  We provide alumni with exclusive opportunities for jobs, business contacts, entertainment, conversation, community activity, and lots more.

For complimentary Student membership please click here!

As a Student member, you will receive:

1)       Members only access to our new larger website, with new member only areas

2)       Members Only events and discounts. We have 100+ events a year and members receive $20+ discount on all events

3)       Members only conference calls and web conferences

4)       Members only access to event podcasts HBS Faculty presentations

5)       Members only Community Partners opportunities to volunteer on projects working with local community and non-profit organizations

6)       Members only  opportunities for executive positions with the club or a position on our Board

7)       Members only notification of events with other alumni clubs. We often do joint events with the Harvard Club, Stanford Club, etc. 

And most importantly, the privilege that most people would love to have, to mix with the most exciting and inspiring business alumni group in the world.

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