Rao on Passion & Purpose in Work and Life

Dr. Rao will present an overview of the latest incarnation of his highly acclaimed Creativity and Personal Mastery (CPM) course.

While the work has given thousands of students the building blocks to creating an ideal life for themselves, there is also direct relevance to business.  The evening's program is full of specific suggestions that one can put into action immediately.

Those who pursue CPM:

1) ...find that their judgement improves.  While they become deeply passionate about what they do, they also become more objective and less wedded to any particular outcome.  Their newfound ability to entertain many different perspectives makes them vastly more creative.

2) ...experience a quantum increase in their ability to inspire others and release pent-up creativity in them.  They relate far better to others - subordinates, peers and bosses - and become more adept at enlisting them to achieve a common goal.  

Professor Rao will use new narratives to illustrate 10 building blocks that form the backbone of his CPM program.

Attendees who hear this work for the first time will delight in how Prof. Rao makes ancient wisdom relevant to our modern age.  Those who have heard it before will find interest in new examples and will deepen their appreciation through review of the building blocks.  

Organized by Columbia Business School Alumni Club of the Bay Area and the Stanford Business School Alumni Association and co-hosted by  Columbia Alumni Club of Northern California, DAASV-Tuck Committee, HAN-SF, Harvard Business School Association of Northern California, and the MIT Club of Northern California, Dr. Rao's talk will begin at 6:30 pm.

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Knight Management Center
655 Knight Way
Stanford, CA 94305

Date and Time:    
Monday, July 30th, 2012
6:00 - 8:30 pm

Registration opens at 5:30 pm
Reception begins at 6:00 pm
Comments begin at 6:30 pm

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Dr. Rao became famous at CBS, LBS, Kellogg and Haas for his ground breaking course in personal transformation - Creativity and Personal Mastery.  Read praise for CPM by clicking here. (The course even has its own alumni association.)  Learn more about Dr. Rao's background at: http://www.areyoureadytosucceed.com/bio.asp

His 10 building blocks are:
1.    Mental Chatter
2.    Mental Models
3.    The Me-Centered Universe
4.    Happiness and the Quest for more
5.    Good thing, Bad thing
6.    If then Model
7.    Process versus Outcome
8.    Do you want to be an Inspiring Leader?
9.    Mindfulness
10.    All you have is the Journey

View Dr. Rao's TED talk on YouTube

For a sneak peak, please enjoy the following 90 second clips:

Dr. Srikumar Rao- Inner Espresso Clips

Video #1:         Actions and Not Outcomes

Video #2:         Fallacy of Expecting Thanks and Gratitude

Video #3:         Whatever you focus on Expands

Video#4:          The Power of Labels

Video #5:         Time or Attitude

Video#6:          The Power of Shifting your Focus 

Video #7:         Mental Models

Video #8:         Miracles Happen Every Day

Video#9:          What are others thinking about you?

Video #10:       Your Boss is the FedEx Guy

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